Nippon Career Industry

  1. 10 times the price, 100 times the service life. Thus began a 40-year evolution.
  2. Pride in 100% customer satisfaction. Our products are designed for easy maintenance, and we offer comprehensive after-sales service.
  3. Long experience and solid technical capabilities ensure that we can deliver the functions our customers demand.
  4. Like Columbus’egg, producing novel concepts without adhering to received ideas is our forte.
  5. Being efficient makes it stylish
  6. We have the courage and determination to pursue the best,offering a succession of products that mark a break with a past.
  7. Our passion for manufacturing explains the functional beauty of our products.
  8. A company that pursues complete perfection.


10 times the price, 100 times the service life. Thus began a 40-year evolution.

Nippon Career Industry emerged as a company in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture, in October 1970.
Since its inception, the company has sought to grasp the needs of the food industry and consistently produce food processing equipment that exceeds those requirements, developing new technologies in order to meet that goal.
Our first development was an extraordinarily long-lasting chopper plate, the “Permanent PUNA”.
Using the slogan “10 times the price, 100 times the service life”, it was a big hit.
Although it was not our intention at the time, this phrase has perfectly encapsulated our approach, even today.
In other words, we pour all of our research and development capabilities into our products,
and market them at a price that reflects our effort and our confidence in them.
And our customers discover that the benefits of the products far outstrip their price.
That has been, and will continue to be our approach.
Eschewing all compromise in our research and development, we seek to achieve true customer satisfaction.

A company that pursues complete perfection.

President  Suguru MitaniJust as humans aren’t immortal, machines don’t last forever. However, something that lasts just a year can be made to last ten or twenty years through the application of technology. Our phrase “100 times the service life” characterizes Nippon Career Industry as a company that pursues complete perfection through our creativity, development, design and technological prowess.
We will continue to pursue the evolution of food processing equipment in order to meet the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our customers. And in an industrial sector where function and design vie for priority, you naturally find high-level design qualities in products that come with outstanding functionality.
Convinced that good equipment is beautiful equipment, we approach the development and manufacture of new food processing equipment with the intention of ensuring a pleasant production environment for the end user.
We look forward to your continued support.

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