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  1. 10 times the price, 100 times the service life. Thus began a 40-year evolution.
  2. Pride in 100% customer satisfaction. Our products are designed for easy maintenance, and we offer comprehensive after-sales service.
  3. Long experience and solid technical capabilities ensure that we can deliver the functions our customers demand.
  4. Like Columbus’egg, producing novel concepts without adhering to received ideas is our forte.
  5. Being efficient makes it stylish
  6. We have the courage and determination to pursue the best,offering a succession of products that mark a break with a past.
  7. Our passion for manufacturing explains the functional beauty of our products.
  8. A company that pursues complete perfection.



Machines for thinly slicing meat in chilled temperature zones. Nippon Career uses band knives (a type of belt-shaped knife) in place of conventional circular or hatchet-style knives, dramatically improving cutting performance. Nippon Career’s slicers offer a wide variety of features, including folding, diagonal cutting, and staggered layering of sliced meats, in addition to automatic knife polishing and cleaning.


Nippon Career’s proprietary meat choppers for finely cutting frozen material into pieces 4~10 mm. Awarded the 1st Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry Award. Awarded the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry President’s Award. Awarded two international patents. “Micro Dicer” is a registered trademark of Nippon Career Industry.


Cutters for cutting and processing frozen material into flakes. Flakers are used to pre-process raw material that will be placed in a grinder.


Grinders. Everything from tabletop models to large scale machines equipped with their own motors.


Short for meat grinder. Similar to the Chopper line, our Grinder machines are used for grinding material. Nippon Career’s Grinder line ranges from standard to somewhat larger sizes and generally come equipped with charging screws.


Machines which provide integrated mixing and grinding. Space-saving dual functionality.


Machine which provides integrated flaking and grinding, first cutting frozen material into flakes before grinding. This machine also comes equipped with a convenient lifter for moving meat blocks into the machine’s flaker. The integrated design reduces cleanup.


Machines which provide integrated flaking, mixing, and grinding. Machines also come equipped with a convenient lifter for moving meat blocks into the machine’s flaker. The integrated design significantly reduces cleanup.


Cuts ground meat continuously fed by a grinder to fixed lengths and packs the resulting product onto trays for commercial sale. Both fully automatic and semiautomatic models available. “Mince Packer” is a registered trademark of Nippon Career Industry.


Nippon Career’s line of parts for grinders. A multi-holed circular plate is used in combination with a knife resembling a throwing star. We at Nippon Career use the abbreviation “puna” to refer to our knives and plates. Nippon Career Industry got its start developing, manufacturing, and selling these “puna” thanks to their incredible durability compared to conventional products, our plates and knives are incredibly popular with our customers, with some even calling them the “everlasting puna.”


Nippon Career’s line of mixers. Machines use a pair of paddles to mix materials in the mixing container. Nippon Career Industry also accepts orders for specially designed paddles.


Our line of continuous vertical conveyors. Vertical delivery of raw material greatly reduces both labor and space required.


Lifters for raising materials. From the Wagon Lifter with safety lock nut which prevents wagon dropping; to the Liftman, which can use commercially available containers without modification; and the Bucket Lifter with dedicated bucket, Nippon Career offers a wide variety of lifting options.


Hand-pushed, wheeled transport wagons. Nippon Career’s Wagon Dumper (Utility Model Registration No. 3073203) turns over wagons for easy cleaning. Hygienic design prevents wagons from coming into contact with floor.


Machines for continuously forming products such as Hamburg steaks, croquettes, or boiled fish paste foods. Nippon Career’s formers are also able to form a wide variety of shapes.


A juwari soba noodle maker with integrated kneading and extrusion. Simply insert soba flour and Menzo does the rest – from kneading to stretching and noodle extrusion.

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