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  1. 10 times the price, 100 times the service life. Thus began a 40-year evolution.
  2. Pride in 100% customer satisfaction. Our products are designed for easy maintenance, and we offer comprehensive after-sales service.
  3. Long experience and solid technical capabilities ensure that we can deliver the functions our customers demand.
  4. Like Columbus’egg, producing novel concepts without adhering to received ideas is our forte.
  5. Being efficient makes it stylish
  6. We have the courage and determination to pursue the best,offering a succession of products that mark a break with a past.
  7. Our passion for manufacturing explains the functional beauty of our products.
  8. A company that pursues complete perfection.


New Suggestion

outer screw plate[Patent Registered]

Features of Outer screw plate

  1. feature01
    The plate’s outer circumference is screw-threaded and the plate is secured directly to the cylinder.
  2. feature02
    The above treatment eliminates plate “play” and reduces occurrence of problems such as extreme wear and breakage due to abnormal friction between the plate and knife.
  3. feature03
    As this configuration does away with the need for plate stopper keys, it also eliminates problems caused by wear and tear of the key.
  4. feature04
    As the configuration also does away with the ring and the distance ring that fix the plate, as well as plate stopper keys, it reduces part maintenance/management and burdens involved in part removal and attachment.
    Moreover, the daily routine of removing and attaching parts can be performed accurately by anybody “no matter how inexperienced the person is.”

New method of the innovation

New method of the innovation

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