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  1. 10 times the price, 100 times the service life. Thus began a 40-year evolution.
  2. Pride in 100% customer satisfaction. Our products are designed for easy maintenance, and we offer comprehensive after-sales service.
  3. Long experience and solid technical capabilities ensure that we can deliver the functions our customers demand.
  4. Like Columbus’egg, producing novel concepts without adhering to received ideas is our forte.
  5. Being efficient makes it stylish
  6. We have the courage and determination to pursue the best,offering a succession of products that mark a break with a past.
  7. Our passion for manufacturing explains the functional beauty of our products.
  8. A company that pursues complete perfection.


    KNIFE [ ]

    Nippon Career’s line of parts for grinders. A multi-holed circular plate is used in combination with a knife resembling a throwing star. We at Nippon Career use the abbreviation “puna” to refer to our knives and plates. Nippon Career Industry got its start developing, manufacturing, and selling these “puna” thanks to their incredible durability compared to conventional products, our plates and knives are incredibly popular with our customers, with some even calling them the “everlasting puna.”


We offer a line of knives, everlasting knives and double-edged multi-stage grinding knives to suit your purposes.

  1. Knives for enterprises

    Knives for enterprises

    As cutting with single-stage grinding results in long and fibrous forms compared to multi-stage grinding (multi-stage grinding), an additional coarse grinding process becomes necessary when finely ground result is desired. As this process reduces kneading and temperature rise, it is less stressful to the meat.

  2. Everlasting plate knife

    Everlasting plate knife

    An enterprise-use single-edged knife for compact machines and minimum-load raw-meat processing.
    The knife edge stays sharp as the hole plate is in close contact with the edge and the knife grinds itself due to rotation.

  3. ウンガー用両刃ナイフ

    Double-edged knife for multi-stage grinding

    Used mainly as a knife for multi-stage grinding.
    (Also possible for single-stage grinding)
    Comes in single-edged or double-edged.
    Meat is ground finely in a single operation of multi-stage grinding, but compared to single-stage grinding, the multi-stage grinding tends to generate more kneading and temperature rise of the meat.

※Specifications and other details may be subject to change without prior notice for product improvement.

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